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The Reasons Why You Should Own a Noodle Board

Do you know what a noodle board is? If you don’t, then sit tight and grab your notes because we will tell you what a noodle board is and why you need it! A noodle board or sometimes called stove top cover is essentially a big wooden board that is hooked on top of a stovetop, countertop, or even tabletop. You might be wondering, “Where does the name come from? Why are they called noodle boards?” The name actually is pretty self-explanatory. They are used to make noodles and are supposedly from a long time ago, but we’re not entirely sure exactly when. Chefs back in the day utilize the board to work on the dough and style them into long thin strips of noodles for consumption, and noodle board designs vary from A to Z, which is why they are making a comeback today.

Here are several reasons why you should own a noodle board:

  • They Are Stylish

A noodle board can be a lovely addition to your kitchen when you customize them to fit the surrounding area. For instance, you own a blue table or counter or stove, if you get yourself a matching color noodle board, they can instantly enhance the whole aesthetic of the kitchen and gives what they are covering added values in both style and function.

  • They Provide CoverageIngredients

One of the reasons they are called “covers” is that they can cover your stove or countertop from possible nicking, dent, stains, and so on. They are made from a sturdy-tough chunk of wood that can withstand high-temperature and rough treatment. There are even accounts of butchers using stovetop covers to work on animal meat. People often use them to cut ingredients like onions and tomatoes because they can handle it.

  • They Add Extra Space

One additional value that noodle boards can give to your home is adding extra space. People often buy a noodle board because they don’t have much space to work in their kitchen. A noodle board is large enough that a rolling pin can move around with ease in every direction. They are extremely useful to use as a cutting board or even to put stuff on top of them because they are spacious!

  • They Can Be CustomizedStove Top Cover

It’s not an uncommon thing that you see a noodle board that is customized with the owner’s name or logo. Many restaurants, especially Italians, are using them and adorning them with the company’s logo or the owner’s name to give it more pizzazz (no pun intended).

The Bottom Line

Noodle boards are great, and they are useful too. They are making a comeback amid the pandemic, and almost every household owns one. You should definitely check them out and be a part of the noodle board gang!

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